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property near Chandigarh

Chandigarh Mohali Real Estate: A Booming Market

Chandigarh is a well-planned city famous for its urban design and infrastructure. Other than its welcoming landscape, it has a lot of offer like, fancy eateries, fitness centres, high-end shopping complexes, and all-inclusive medical facilities. Characterized by broad streets, boulevards, lush green parks, lakes, and rich heritage, Chandigarh is considered one of the cleanest cities of the country.

Commercial spaces in Mohali Chandigarh

Chandigarh’s meticulously planned civic infrastructure plays a significant role in living a good quality life which is further supported by futuristic real estate development projects. Lately, it has emerged as a booming market for commercial real estate investment, which has opened up profitable avenues for building upmarket shopping malls and official complexes. The prospering real estate ecosystem is fuelling the development of commercial spaces in Mohali Chandigarh.

Connectivity is one of the primary reasons for the city’s real estate’s rapid development. Chandigarh’s roads are well structured which significantly improves connectivity within the city. The ease of commute is attracting a lot of real estate investors.  Roads are divided into lanes, each dedicated to a different type of vehicle. In addition to this, there are footpaths that run along the streets for pedestrians.

Property Near Chandigarh

The influx of job opportunities is another reason that is aiding the growth of commercial spaces in Mohali Chandigarh Punjab. Reputed MNCs created many job opportunities, which is one of the major reasons real estate groups are keen to invest, if not exactly in the city, then in any property near Chandigarh. These builders are constructing experience centres that offer amenities like food courts, premium shopping brands, and comfortable dining areas.

Property near Chandigarh Airport

Chandigarh has robust rail, road and airways connectivity inviting tremendous footfall from neighboring cities like Amritsar, Delhi, and Ambala. Well-developed transport facilities like airports and railways station also boost tourism. People travel from all parts of the country to enjoy all this well-planned city has to offer. Builders are also eyeing any property near Chandigarh airport to invent in as it’s considered a premium location for a good reason.

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Double Storey Bayshops in Mohali

Are you looking for investing Double Storey Bay shops in Mohali on PR7 Airport Road?

Mohali is the next most promising commercial centre of North India. It is one of the fastest-growing and provides an array of opportunities to invest in the commercial real estate sector. As it is one of the upcoming centres the prices are still relatively low and affordable compared to other adjoining cities? It is wiser to invest in commercial spaces, like a bay shop in Mohali as a good investment

Double-storey Bay shops on PR7 Airport Road

As the location of the bay shop you want to invest in is important as it gives better returns.  Double-storey Bay shops on Airport Road can have great rental and price.

As a prime location, Double Storey Bay shops on PR7 Road have a low vacancy rate and tenants are less likely to vacate. The neighborhood also plays an important part as it attracts good footfall.

These properties will fetch higher rents, and also will have better tenant retention rates and higher capital appreciation.

If the bay shop has a good tenant, then investing in it would be even better as having good tenants will ensure that you get rent on time, apart from higher deposits.

If the interiors such as flooring, ceiling, air conditioner, and interior cabins, are by the tenant then he is likely to stay longer.

Double Storey Bayshops in MohaliDo you also want to invest in single office or bay shop in Mohali?

If you want to invest all your savings in a single office or bay shop in Mohali, you will be exposing yourself to a greater risk. So it is important that you invest in more than one type of commercial property to make the maximum return on your investment.

When you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind, you can then rest assured as you’ll be making a balanced investment that will reap strong benefits in the long term.

The Bay shops at the VRS District One property are located at Airport Road with all the necessary amenities. It has the backing of a trusted developer VRS and is synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, and excellence. The company is recognized for delivering state-of-the-art ventures, impeccable designs, and outstanding standards.

Positioned at the center of the city surrounded by posh inhabitance of approx. 3 Lacs people and encircled by 12000-15000 corporate employees working in IT Park. it has better connectivity with nearby locations such as PCA Cricket Stadium, Elante Mall, World Trade Center, and many more to name.

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Pre leased commercial property in Mohali

Are you looking for investing In Pre-Leased Commercial Property in Mohali?

The one which has been leased out (rented out) already and is now enlisted for sale. A Pre-leased commercial property on Airport Road where you can start benefiting from rentals from day one. If you invest in a commercial property with VRS, then it’s a win-win situation for you.

Pre-leased commercial Property on PR7 Road

Pre-leased property investment especially when it is in mixed-use commercial spaces like that of VRS District One. It ensures the regular incoming of people for a variety of purposes and is a blessing for any business growth. As customers are one of the most important factors that id reason behind success or failure. A high ROI is always assured in a property that is a pre-leased commercial on PR7 Road as it comes with the assured business. It assures guaranteed monthly income as once the investor receives the lease transfer, they have the right to receive monthly payments for that commercial unit. This assures fixed monthly rentals and a steady source of income.

It comes with no waiting period and has tenants ready to occupy the unit’s right after the competition. So, you need not worry about earning returns. Once the lease deed is transferred, the investors start earning monthly rentals.

Another benefit is an appreciation of the prices as the value of pre-leased units also increases proportionally especially if it is located at a prime location in Mohali. As located in a prime location with all amenities and infrastructure it is a great investment for the long term.

Also since that, tenants rarely vacate these properties before the agreement has expired. It is a very low-risk investment in terms of regular income.

Also, it has excellent liquidity value as a guaranteed rental comes with the investment. Thus, Investing in a pre-leased property is always a smart choice.

Pre leased commercial property in MohaliAs the VRS District One property is situated in a growing commercial area of Mohali and is suitably located at Airport Road with all the necessary amenities. And with the backing of a trusted developer like VRS, it’s an assured revenue source.

It is a property synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, and excellence in achievement. The company is recognized for delivering state-of-the-art ventures, impeccable designs, and outstanding standards.

Positioned at the center of the city surrounded by posh inhabitancy of approx. 3 Lacs people and encircled by 12000-15000 corporate employees working in IT Park. it has better connectivity with nearby locations such as PCA Cricket Stadium, Elanet Mall, World Trade Centre, and many more to name. By choosing District One is an example of the Finest Architecture, Better Connectivity, Builder Credibility, and Unrivalled Conveniences

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Ready To Move Shops in Mohali

Things to Consider Before Buying Ready to Move Shops on PR7 or Airport Road Mohali

Mohali is one of the quickest developing towns in North India, and presents an array of possibility to put money into its industrial actual property. What makes it even greater appealing is the truth that the expenses are nonetheless especially low as compared to different towns. This makes it less complicated to put money into industrial areas, like Ready To Move Shops in Mohali. But there are different quintessential elements you should look at earlier than making an investment in a industrial belongings to be had on the market. Here are few factors to hold in thoughts at the same time as making an investment in Mohali`s industrial actual property.

Ready To Move Shops in MohaliLocation of Office Spaces and Shops in Mohali

Just like with residential establishments, the vicinity of Ready to Move Office spaces in Mohali that you need to put money into is important. Commercial actual property presents returns with inside the following ways – hire and capital appreciation. Both of those are closely reliant at the vicinity. Try to locate industrial houses on the market in places wherein emptiness quotes are beneath five in line with cent. The charge means that the tenants are much less probably vacate. This results in better rents and capital appreciation. A vicinity with excessive emptiness quotes offers tenants greater alternatives to transport or renegotiate rents.

Interior fitments

As an investor trying to put money into places of work and Shops in Mohali, you need to constantly appearance who has carried out the indoors fitments in the belongings. When an industrial belongings is introduced in India, it’s far carried out as a naked shell. The lessee might be required to do the flooring, ceiling, air conditioner, indoors cabins, etc. Some lessees might need the developer to do the indoors at the same time as others will do it on their personal. Keep in thoughts that a lessee who does his personal fitments is probably to live longer.

Ready To Move Shops on Mohali Airport Road

The global airport in Mohali has been named Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh. Even as it’s far in Mohali, the airport has were given the phrase Chandigarh as a suffix in it on a call for through Haryana. VRS Group Provides Best Ready To Move Shops on Airport Road Road For Investors, Because there are numerous appealing department stores close to Mohali airport wherein all types of merchandise are to be had and plenty of appealing department stores are to be had to discover round Mohali airport. If you’re a shopaholic and like to do purchasing on every occasion you get unfastened time you then definitely should discover the first-class purchasing department stores close to Mohali Airport to meet your preference of purchasing new things. From electronics to apparel and amusement to family items, the whole thing is to be had in those department stores at one place. Whether you’re seeking out celebration put on or crockery to your home, device or refrigerator, those purchasing department stores are the awesome locations to discover in each price range close to Delhi Airport. Let`s have a glimpse on the famous purchasing department stores close to Delhi Airport.

When you hold the above cited elements in thoughts, you may then relaxation confident as you`ll be creating a balanced funding so as to achieve robust blessings with inside the lengthy term.

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Buy Commercial Property Near Township

Buy Commercial Property Near Township

Should You Buy Commercial Property Near a Township?

Buy Commercial Property Near Township – Townships are an inclusive space of both residential and commercial buildings that have accompanying infrastructure and facilities that include roads, schools, hospitals, gardens, shopping centers, and more. With these townships, people often leap forward before thinking and end up buying residences that are in the heart of these mini-cities. The real question arises when investors think about buying commercial property in or around the township.

The primary risk in these instances is of buying a property in a township that may get abandoned soon after. Here are some of the ways in which you can know if the commercial property is a good investment decision or not:

Home Size

The sizes of homes in townships can help determine a lot about whether people would like to live there or not. If the homes are bigger than the average housing in the city, it’s likely that most of them would be more expensive than other residences. This brings up the probability of having some of them abandoned. 

On the other hand, if they are too small in comparison to others, they will also be abandoned since people wouldn’t prefer them. A good deal would be to check a township that has sufficiently large homes without being too pricey.


The facilities in the township are also a determining factor about how populated it will likely become. If the township is similar to the one under construction by the VRS Group and has several facilities that almost eliminate the need to venture outside, it’ll be an excellent bet for you. You can invest in this commercial property in Mohali with confidence and without any fear of getting the wrong investment. Some townships may even include facilities such as schools and hospitals. You should try and invest in stores near these locations as they are bound to be the most in-demand and profitable for you.

When a township satisfies the above requirement, you can be sure of your investment there. While these are excellent investment choices, they may also have a higher cost, which makes it important to go for a known development project such as Suntec City. Happy investing.

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How to Maintain Commercial Property

How to Maintain Commercial Property

Tips for Maintaining Commercial Properties

Commercial properties can be an excellent investment, but only when they have the potential for long-term improvement with time. If the property isn’t maintained, it can depreciate which causes the risks in commercial properties. If you have a commercial property in mind which you hope to sell in a few years to get a high ROI, you would need to maintain it well. Here are some tips to help you maintain your commercial property in Mohali without much trouble.

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Best Tips to Open a Retail Showroom in Mohali

Open Retail Showroom in Mohali

Today, most consumers complete most of their shopping via online mediums, however this has not spelt the doom of retail showrooms. The benefits of going to a real store still stand strong over buying something from a screen. You can understand the product much better when visiting a store and actually size things up for your purpose. This is the reason it is a good idea to turn your commercial property in Mohali into a retail showroom that can help local residents get their shopping completed on a daily basis. Here are a few tips that can help you go about that plan:

Start with a Business Plan

It is quite important to have a stable business plan before you think of opening your own retail store. A retail store is like any other business and requires the same level of dedication towards its mission. You should know what you plan to sell and what the people in your area are going to buy. When all this adds up, you can get a rough plan for a retail showroom that can attract a ton of customers and get you a good profit.

You should also be aware of your competition. Most commercial properties in Chandigarh will have other retail stores in them as well which makes it easier for you to understand them. You can either avoid selling the same things as them or improve your business strategy to get an advantage.

Understand Your Location

The location of your retail store will define your potential for success for a very long time. You should be able to get a lot of information about your potential customers by observing the location of your commercial property. An ideal scenario would be to have your store open up near residential properties in Chandigarh to allow you a large share of the consuming public. If you have not yet purchased property for your store, then it’s a good idea to pick a prime location. While it can be a little tempting to choose a location that is cheap, it will cause you to lose out on your profits. You can always rely on a trusted developer like the VRS Group for a prime section of retail space.

Rely on the Experience

In most cases, retail shopping is able to give a fair challenge to online retailers by providing their customers with an unbeatable experience. Your regular customers will only become regulars if they like the experience of shopping at your store. This will also allow you to setup a loyalty program with your regular customers to incite them to make more purchases with you.

In conclusion, while making a retail store isn’t easy, with the above tips you can ensure a successful business in it. Try to give it your best and do your research before taking any step.

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Why You Must Invest in Commercial Property in Mohali

Why You Must Invest in Commercial Property in Mohali?

Buy Commercial Property in Mohali

Mohali is one of the largest and most popular destinations for real estate in North India. It has great connectivity with other major cities and also allows for great development of businesses. It has reputed educational institutes, and a residential hub which is loved by most. When you’re looking for a place for investing in commercial property, there is no place better than Mohali. With its booming residential population, the demand for businesses in the area is inevitable. Here are some more reasons to invest in commercial property in Mohali:

India’s 1’st Planned City

Being a part of Chandigarh’s Tricity area, Mohali is a part of India’s first planned city. This makes it an ideal location for plenty of job opportunities and residences. The State Government has heavily invested in this area to ensure job opportunities by supporting businesses that set up in the location. It is also a part of the smart city mission which makes the place ideal for an urban lifestyle.

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Commercial Office Space in Mohali

Things to Consider When Getting an Office Space in Mohali

Office Space in Mohali

Finding the right commercial office space in Mohali may require a ton of research, but will surely pay off with a booming business. While most people think of only the price when looking at office spaces, there are a lot more factors that need to be taken into consideration. The place and location of your office will affect your day-to-day operations as well as the morale of your staff. Your brand image can also be impacted by your office location. Here is a comprehensive list of factors that need to be on your mind when getting an office space in Mohali:

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Differences Between Commercial and Residential Properties

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Properties

Real estate has always been one of the most popular investment choices for experienced investors. Unlike most other forms of investment, real estate is divided into two simple categories – residential and commercial properties. It is easy to figure out the kind of property you need to invest it with a few simple questions. But before you get to that part, it is important to know exactly what separates residential and commercial properties. This short guide will help you identify that difference and also figure out the right one for you. Let’s get started:

Residential Vs. Commercial Properties

Residential properties involve all kinds of buildings that people would use for living. On the other hand, commercial real estate is used for business purposes. Both of these properties are differently zoned in each city and have different requirements for setting up. Commercial properties can get you far greater returns on your investments, even in short terms. Residential properties on the other hand are going to be easier to manage and setup, especially if you are new to the business.

Let’s take a look at the benefits that each of these offer us and decide which one is more suited for your purposes.

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