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What to Know When Buying Your First Commercial Property

What to Know When Buying Your First Commercial Property

Buying Your First Commercial Property

Commercial property investment can be a tough business for beginners, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you feel you have the capital and skills to take on the best challenges of the industry, then you should probably start with research. Researching how to choose the first commercial property is always going to help you to make the right decision here. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when taking your first steps in the business:

Getting Expert Advice

  • Getting advice on your commercial property in Mohali would be quite easy as there are a ton of talented real estate agents who can help you make the right decision here. It is always beneficial to have someone who is experienced to advise you regarding each property on the basis of your personal requirements and goals.
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Commercial Property in New Chandigarh for Sale

Commercial Property in New Chandigarh for Sale

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Property

When buying commercial property in New Chandigarh for sale you have a lot of things running in your mind. After all, it is going to be a huge investment. Planning to book your dream property can be a tedious task and requires a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. The buying process is complex and time-consuming, and getting off track is simple.

Writing goals is a helpful way to direct you through the process, without missing other features that are important to you and your family. You’ll also want your realtor to consider your list of goals. Learning what features mean the most will help remove Property s that are not going to work for you and compare the homes that do.

Let us discuss the important things you need to keep in mind when shopping for your dream place and get to crack a great deal.

Important Points To Help You In Shopping

Here is a rundown of some essential tips and things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for your dream Property:

Age Of The Property You Are Planning To Buy commercial property in new Chandigarh for sale

Property near Chandigarh airport – Before you crack the final deal for homeownership you need to know the exact age of the Property. If you are looking to buy a new property then this point will be irrelevant to you but if you are planning to buy an old Property then you need to be very careful. Get to know the exact date on which the Property was made. Check whether the owner has all the documents or not.

Buy commercial property Chandigarh – Get to know the problems that are there in the property. Crib him about the reason he wants to sell the property. Also do not forget to ask about the infestations that the Property has. Also, it is a great idea to contact Property inspectors and get to know about the issues in the property in detail.


You need to be very clear about the location where you want to buy a home at. Buyers love to look out for locations that are easily accessible from their workplace and also have important places like school, hospital etc. Look for quick access to main highways and test the flow of traffic. Checking this out before making a purchase will help save you from the hassles of driving out of the neighbourhood and onto the main road or from an unreasonably long commute.

The Size Of The Property 

You must keep in mind the size of the property you are looking for. A small team won’t have any issue in fitting in a small Property but a big team can have a lot of problems in the same. Also if you have a lot of guests every now and then or love to throw Property parties then a big Property  will serve the purpose right.


You need to make sure that the couples in your family get to enjoy separate bedrooms and the kids get to have fun in theirs. Also you must have bedrooms for guests. Each family will get a sense of how many bedrooms they want. Many people are going to want at least two, and if there are kids the number is growing.

Some families like sharing bedrooms with their children, while others like separate bedrooms for each to accommodate different bedtime and study habits. When you have frequent guests for some amount of time, a bedroom known as a guest room is great to have.


The bathrooms play a crucial role in your privacy and you must keep in mind that each bedroom is connected with a bathroom. Plus there has to be an extra one in the living area. You would not like your guests to go and use the bathrooms all the way in your bedroom hence it is essential that you have one attached to your living room too.

Decide in advance how many bathrooms you’d prefer. Older homes may only have one toilet, so buyers frequently search for ways to install another. When there is only one toilet, be confident when remodeling is not feasible you can live with that arrangement. Newer homes typically have two or three bathrooms, although some do not have a tub or a shower.

Just a bath or shower, or both? Jacuzzi tubs are popular for relaxation and some people prefer convenient access to a shower stall. If you need an accessible bathroom with an impairment, you can look for it, or a spacious bath that can be remodeled. Think of the people (including guests) who are going to use the toilets, and you’ll get a better picture of the bathroom size and layout that will fit best for your family.

Property Near Chandigarh airport | Buy commercial property Chandigarh


These are some important areas that you need to keep in mind and pay focus on before you finalize the Property ownership. If you find the property that you have selected is well equipped with all your needs then all you need to do is to buy one and get it remodeled. Make sure that all your doubts are cleared and the previous owner will hand over all the documents to you so that you do not face any issue in the future regarding the same.

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New Commercial Project in Mohali

New Commercial Project in Mohali | VRS Group

Things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial property

New Commercial Project in Mohali – Searching for a new home? The listing price and interior features aren’t the only things to keep in mind when looking at a house. Nowadays, buyers must also remember to watch out for hidden cameras, high maintenance costs, and bad neighbors when touring a property in Mohali. For more advice on what to look out for when attending an open house or a private showing, read our tips below for New commercial project in Mohali

Get in touch with sellers

In today’s tech-savvy world, buyers must be mindful that during a presentation, sellers can watch and listen. Many of today’s offices are equipped with smart cameras and microphones, from Ring video doorbells to Nest surveillance cams, making it easy for commercial property owners to spy on prospective buyers while they tour a property.

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Commercial Property in Mohali for Sale

Benefits of getting a Property with VRS Ventures

Property investment has long been seen as a more lucrative and successful enterprise than other forms of investment. Investors continue to put their money into property, with the Mohali property market gaining interest worldwide in particular. Despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit negotiations, the Commercial Property in Mohali for Sale market remained high, particularly in cities with a successful reputation.

Suppose you are planning to purchase a property in Chandigarh. In that case, you need to get in touch with VRS ventures and get your hands on some of the best options within your budget.

Hiring the right contractor is utterly critical to your project’s success. It will not only decide the finished product’s consistency; it will also form a significant part of your everyday life – and levels of health – for several months. You need to reach the industry with a degree of knowledge of how things work and a game plan to hire a construction company to do work for you effectively. After all, your home is your refuge. It would help if you had full faith in them, both professionally and personally, before allowing someone else to come in. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you understand the process a little better and hopefully make sure you find the right professional.

The process of buying a home isn’t that fast. It’s a tricky job you should worry a great deal about. You must also consult carefully and conduct meticulous research before you settle down to buy on the home. Buying a house and making your dream a reality can be thrilling, but there is a lot of tension involved with purchasing a home.

The real estate market today provides plenty of options for home buyers. Given the many available home buying choices, the market is also packed with many risks that you may face if you are not careful. When buying a house, it’s smart to have all the tools required to make educated decisions and choices.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Property In Chandigarh

Mohali is one of the most beautiful cities that has some beautiful landscapes to offer. If you plan to buy your dream home in the town, you must keep in mind the following things:

Lookout For The Best Builders

This will be a considerable investment for you; hence you need to find the right person to help you. VRS ventures are one of the best builders in the MOHALI that have immense experience in their field and offer the best property to keep the client’s preferences as a priority.


Before you hire the builders who can help you with the purchase, you need to make sure that they have positive goodwill. Your builders must have served happy clients and also must have positive reviews. Do not forget to go through the reviews that are not in their favor to get a clear picture of their services.


It would help if you kept this in mind that the builders can openly communicate with you. If you feel that they are trying to rub off your queries, then they are just not the best one for you. VRS ventures are the name that people will love to refer to because of the time they devote to understand the client and then work on their project.

Long Term Commitment

One thing that plays a crucial role in getting your hands on the right builder is that they focus on long term commitment. A person who is just trying to crack a deal and finish it off is only not worth your time. If you are looking for the best service providers, you must get in touch with VRS ventures. They have some excellent projects in hand and offer 100% satisfaction with the full value of money.


It would help if you also kept in mind that your account has to be marked as a priority. You must not fall in the builders’ words and make a deal that will leave you in debt. It is very crucial to make the builder understand your budget. You must contact VRS ventures and get to discuss your account with them. They are best known to offer the best quotes to the clients keeping their account and best results in mind.

Physical Address

Now this one plays an important role. The builder in the MOHALI that you are planning to hire must have a physical address. It must not be the case that you keep on finalizing things over the internet, and they turn out to be a fraud. A well-established builder will have a proper physical address from where he can operate and call you for meetings.


Last but not least, once you have selected two or three builders, you need to cross-examine their industry experience. Keep in mind that it is your money, and you do not have to waste even a single penny. Just ask them as many questions as possible till the time you conclude. If possible, you can also visit their clients and talk about their experience and the problems they faced. If you think everything is perfect, get the deal signed.


These were some of the tips that can help you in buying the best property in the MOHALI. Suppose you are confused about where to look for. In that case, you must get in touch with VRS ventures and get going with the progress of buying your dream property with 100% customer satisfaction.

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Ultimate Secret of Commercial Properties

The Ultimate Secret of Commercial Properties

Ultimate Secret of Commercial Properties – Dealing in commercial properties isn’t a task for amateur investors since it requires thorough research and some effective analytical skills. Even so, there are many investors who can gain incredible returns by starting out in commercial properties. To ensure this success, it is essential to know a few strategies that even expert investors benefit from. This guide can tell you the most precious information you can find relating to investing in commercial properties. This ultimate secret will allow you to know exactly how valuable a property will be for you.

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Best Commercial Property in Mohali

Which is the Best Commercial Property in Mohali?

Best Commercial Property in Mohali

Commercial properties are often considered as a risky investment. However, with the proper research and some help, you can actually get a really good deal. This applies especially to commercial properties in Mohali since they have the best values for real estate. If you are interested in purchasing commercial property in this fast-developing city, it is a good idea to first learn about some of the best ways to check if a piece of real estate is the one for you. Here are a few that will help you out:

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Commercial Office Space in Mohali

Commercial Office Space in Mohali

Office space for sale in Mohali

Commercial Office Space in Mohali – Are you tired of untimely calls to fix that leaking tap, or tenants routinely leaving your house because they changed jobs? Is your landlord threatening to evict you and your established business out of his property? Let’s see what is commercial property and benefits of commercial property.

Whether you’re an investor in real estate, a property owner thinking of whether to rent out your space as a commercial unit or a businessman confused between using a residential unit as an office or renting a commercial space, you should consider the following advantages a commercial space has over a residential property. Let’s learn about some of the benefits.

The commercial office space is an altogether different ball game. There are many advantages to investing in this space.

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sector market in mohali

Sector Market in Mohali

What Kind of Research is Important in Real Estate Investment?

Sector Market in Mohali – Commercial real estate such as the SCO properties in the sector markets in Mohali have been one of the most desirable assets for investors in the recent years. The benefits of investing in commercial real estate far outweigh those of investing in residential real estate, and it also allows you to potentially pay off your mortgage with the rent of the property alone. While some investors may prefer leaving everything to their real estate agent and financial advisor to handle, it is still important to conduct thorough research by yourself before deciding to purchase commercial property. Here are the important factors that you need to research:

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premium retail markets in mohali

Premium Retail Market in Mohali

Benefits of Owning Your Business Property Over Leasing

While leasing an office or retail store may seem like the most feasible option in the premium retail market in Mohali, it is always a good idea to check if you can buy the commercial property for yourself. As an entrepreneur who is planning to grow on a large scale, you should consider the possibility of letting go of the liability of leasing or paying rent, and instead turning your business property into an asset. If you aren’t so sure if this would be the right decision for you just yet, here are a few reasons why owning your business property is great:

#1. Retirement Guarantee

Even if you don’t plan to expand your business, you can always use your business property as a secure way to retire in the future. When you do plan to exit the market and live a peaceful life, you can start to rent out the property to other business owners for a regular source of income. Commercial properties get a lot more rent that residential ones do and the prices are only bound to increase with the flow of time.

#2. Less Liability

While paying a mortgage for the initial few years of purchasing the property can set you back and it can be considered a liability, it ends up being a lot less than the rent you will have to pay on a monthly basis. The difference in costs is quite significant and can help you quite a lot in enhancing your financial stability during the establishment period of your business. Also, paying rent through the life of your business can end up being quite expensive as well.

#3. Customize the Facility

While some renters allow tenants to customize their business property, most would not let you make complete customizations. It is always better to own the property if you wish to remodel the space for branding reasons since the freedom to do so can be quite liberating. You can also construct additional stories on the property, which will allow you to expand your workable area even more.

#4. Tax Advantages

It’s not secret that owning commercial property entitles you to some very special tax benefits. While this is also possible in the case of leasing the business, you may not be able to get the full benefits such as lowering of the taxable income in case the property depreciates in value, along with a mortgage interest deduction. You can consult your tax advisor for more information regarding the same.

#5. Get Rent Now

You don’t really have to wait until retirement to start getting rent. This is because the way your property is structured can allow you to rent out a part of the property to another business. This can allow you to cover the mortgage payments with the rent and continue to make profits with your main business. This also works for entrepreneurs who prefer working from home.

The above benefits should prove it well enough that owning your business property is a sound investment idea. This works especially well if you buy your property near one of the premium retail markets in Mohali.

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SCO Commercial Property in Mohali

SCO Commercial Property in Mohali

SCO Commercial Property in Mohali – Mohali is a part of the three-city-system which includes Mohali, Chandigarh, and Panchkula. Mohali is an area in Punjab territory that offers a window of opportunity to a wide range of businesses for development and growth. A very important aspect of a business is its address and the location of the outlet. The location of the office decides the accessibility to the market, thereby, making an impression on the customers. Henceforth, it becomes very important to plan carefully for the location where a plot should be bought. Buying an SCO commercial property in Mohali can determine the success of the business.

Pricing of Property

The price of a property is dependent on the location and the area where it belongs, more likely it ranges from ten thousand to thirty thousand per square feet. It is one of the best prices in the city one could get, as the city is expected to grow in the near future and prices are foreseen to be hiked. Therefore, the value of the SCO Commercial Property is also likely to grow in Mohali. This can either be an instant success, or a nice investment as the real-estate business in Mohali is closely linked with the market of the entire Union Territory. This gives the indulged businesses a huge chance of success when locations are considered against the competition.

Tax Benefits

The tax system is planned as per the understanding of the firm which is issuing contracts to sell real estate properties in Mohali. There might be a need for additional help at the commencement of the land selling, but once the tax system is settled, it can easily provide some value-added benefits that will certainly help the firm to grow and lead to the development of households around it. This makes SCO Commercial Property in Mohali one of the greatest successes in the whole country.

Balance with Liquidity

The significant advantage of possessing a business property is tested when clients arrive at the firm. Their satisfaction will lead to parity of money and installments. The land is viewed as extraordinary when compared to other choices for containing cash. This will, without a doubt, end up being a great way to keep the enthusiasm of the individuals. The SCO Commercial Property of Mohali always thrives to provide balanced cash flows, making it more comfortable to live.

Personal Rights

The major advantage of owning an SCO commercial property is that it gives freedom to own one’s business place compared to paying rent for the same. Not only is it about owning the office but also having control over the office; and in turn the business as well. This is how owning a commercial property in Mohali can be the right thing to do.

Keeping in view of all of these advantages, it is supposedly a very good decision to invest in a commercial property in Mohali. Market accessibility is sure to increase growth in the success rate of the business. It is likely to turn into one of the best decisions that one would take while planning and developing their own business firm.

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