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GMADA Approved Projects in Mohali

GMADA Approved Projects in Mohali

Owning a House in Mohali

GMADA Approved Projects – Mohali is one of the best cities in the country to live in as it is located just on the border of Punjab and Haryana, and it is also close to the finance capital of the region – Chandigarh. It provides people with the perfect opportunity to seek a better quality of living as compared to other cities. However, to live in Mohali one must need to own a shelter that is a house or apartment. There are various GMADA approved projects from which individuals and families can find themselves a nice home.

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How to Choose the Right Residential Project for Investment

How to Choose the Right Residential Project for Investment

Choose the Right Residential Project – A residential place to live plays a very important role in a person’s quality of life, which might also have an impact on their health conditions. A place well suited for a living will provide as a shelter, will fulfill basic needs, and even give privacy. When searching for a property to live in Punjab, residential projects in Mohali are considered amongst the best choices. A residential place is one’s own place of getting all the needs fulfilled according to their preference. Below are the listed points that are provided by the residential projects of Mohali to choose the best residential place:

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Difference Between Open Markets and Malls

Difference Between Open Markets and Malls

When making the initial comparison between shopping malls and open markets, you may think that most customers prefer shopping malls. However, such a closed market does not necessarily promote the sale of the goods on the basis of their quality, but rather only the products from brands who can afford the excessive rent of the mall. You can be forgiven to think that only good and successful brands can afford the rent, however the reality is more complicated than that. These malls also tend to have very steady pricing that can make one go bankrupt within a day of shopping. On the other hand, in an open market the law is of the survival of the fittest. The quality of the goods is the primary factor that dictates how a brand survives. Let’s take a look at some of these differences in detail:

Red Tape

Just like the free market economy, an open market has no red tape to prevent entry or exit for businesses. This also reduces the administrative costs for business owners and makes them more likely to invest in improving the quality of their products than simply paying excessive rents to mall owners. Both open markets & malls feature big brands, however only open markets subject them to fair competition. This also goes well to support the economy of your city since you give the local businesses a fair fighting chance. Malls on the other hand only feature big brands which have minimal competition. This leads to a more monopolistic situation since most people in a mall would go to a certain brand to satisfy certain needs.

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Where Should I Invest in a Commercial Property or a Residential Property

Where Should I Invest in a Commercial Property or a Residential Property in Mohali?

When investing in real estate, it is important to know that both commercial and residential properties have their advantages and disadvantages. While commercial properties in Mohali tend to be more expensive than the residential ones, they also yield much higher returns for the investment. However, residential properties are bought for a more end-use reason apart from a long-term investment. The path to figuring out which kind of property would be more suitable as an investment for you, requires you to conduct thorough research. Here is a list of benefits of each to help you choose the right one for you:

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate

#1. Higher Returns

The primary advantage that commercial properties have over residential ones is that they bring higher returns. It goes in tune with the fact that higher risks bring higher rewards. When compared with the prices and returns on residential properties, commercial properties in Mohali offer much higher returns. In fact, commercial real estate investments can bring an average return of approximately 12.7%, in comparison to the mere 8.8% of residential properties in a period of 15 years. Moreover, having more space allows for more tenants which gives more money. As an investor, this can significantly help you diversify your portfolio.

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How do I Buy Commercial Property in Mohali

How do I Buy Commercial Property in Mohali?

Buy Commercial Property in Mohali – Commercial real estate is the kind to top the wish list of any investor today. There is a good reason behind this as it has been proven to be a fruitful endeavor repeatedly throughout the years. However, the increase in benefits that owning a commercial property brings, also brings an increase in the responsibility. This is why it is important to ensure that you follow all the sound investment practices with your due diligence.

As expected, commercial properties are a mile apart from the traditional investments single-families often make. This requires one to be thoroughly involved in crunching numbers as well as in raising the capital. Therefore, you must be fully aware that this will take more efforts from you as an investor in the commercial real estate. However, if you are willing to give what it takes, this guide should help you through the process of purchasing your commercial property in Mohali:

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How to find premium residential projects in Mohali?

flats in mohali

Mohali grabbing a premium name in the list of best real estate destinations in India has evolved bringing in the high-end mega township. The next level infrastructural development has made a defined pathway for people to invest in apartments in Mohali.

Mohali with its rapid rate of development has contributed substantially to the real estate industry paving a better way for the buyers. With an excellent level of connectivity and convenience, the city enjoys a great level of benefit in terms of tourism and real estate investments. Besides, an increasing number of residential and commercial complexes, multiplexes, malls, etc. have a very positive effect on the market of real estate in Mohali.

Reasons to choose flats in Mohali

A serene life

The increasing number of residential property in Mohali has given the people a great choice to look into investing in the city. A peaceful lifestyle starts with living amidst nature with all the better amenities and connectivity platforms. Mohali has a lot of employment opportunities and educational institutions making it turn into a really good option for the buyers looking into investing in the same. Located close to the foothills of the Shivalik range, the city provides a great choice for the buyers to invest for after retirement life. Today almost all residential flats in Mohali make the dream of a greener lifestyle with premium ambience come alive for its buyers.

Convenience and realty boom

Real estate in Mohali has witnessed a great boom in the last few years making the city turn as the first best option for the buyers to explore a smart and convenient lifestyle. The city’s swift connectivity with the nearest airport, metro stations and golf course are that which makes Mohali unique from other cities in terms of real estate.

Developing Mohali & Rising real estate

Mohali is different than other cities because of its prominent rate of growth in development as well as the future perspective of development too. People today prefer to buy flats near Mohali as well because of the status Mohali has owned for itself. With the kind of development Mohali is portraying today it would conquer the real estate industry as the next top real estate destination.

City’s bright future

The rapid level of growth in the facilities and infrastructure has resulted in an appreciation in the value of property bringing in the investor’s attention to the city. Today more and more people are ready to invest in apartments in Mohali, making it the most preferred choice in real estate.

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Own Luxury Apartment in Mohali by Choosing VRS Group

Every person wants to own a luxury apartment in the beautiful city Mohali, Chandigarh. The city has become the commercial hub for the south-west of the capital city of the Punjab. The city is brimming with many international sporting venues like cricket stadium, hockey stadium, indoor stadium, golf courses. The city offers the tranquility and serenity that would make you fall in love with this place.

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Get Best Flats in Chandigarh Amidst Greenery

Find real estate companies in Mohali and Chandigarh

Chandigarh is the capital of two states in India, Punjab and Haryana, and is the first planned city of India. The housing projects in Chandigarh are famous for its urban design and splendor. Till some decades ago, buyers were interested to invest only in plots, but slowly there had been a paradigm shift for Chandigarh real estate because of the safety, availability and hassle-free factors. Now, the place is ranked as the hottest emerging city and has become a hub for developers and builders in Chandigarh and across the country. Choosing properties in Chandigarh will definitely turn out to be an excellent prospect for all investors.

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