Things to keep in mind when looking for a commercial property

New Commercial Project in Mohali – Searching for a new home? The listing price and interior features aren’t the only things to keep in mind when looking at a house. Nowadays, buyers must also remember to watch out for hidden cameras, high maintenance costs, and bad neighbors when touring a property in Mohali. For more advice on what to look out for when attending an open house or a private showing, read our tips below for New commercial project in Mohali

Get in touch with sellers

In today’s tech-savvy world, buyers must be mindful that during a presentation, sellers can watch and listen. Many of today’s offices are equipped with smart cameras and microphones, from Ring video doorbells to Nest surveillance cams, making it easy for commercial property owners to spy on prospective buyers while they tour a property.

Sales in your area

Study comparable sales nearby before viewing a home. These “comps,” or comparable sales, apply to properties recently sold that have identical features. Be sure to pay attention to the square feet, characteristics, and location of a comp. This will give you a clear idea of whether a home is reasonably priced or not.

A glimpse of District one project by VRS Ventures

District One Mohali is an unsurpassed landmark in the real estate sector, a commercial project of its kind, located in Mohali, under the aegis of VRS Group. VRS Group Mohali is a property developer that is associated with performance efficiency, dedication, reliability, and excellence. The business is known for offering state-of-the-art projects, impeccable in designs, and excellent in standards. The VRS Group is a leading Mohali real estate company engaged in the management of a wide range of real estate ventures, including residential projects, serviced apartments with a primary emphasis on Mohali commercial offices. District One is the perfect company idea served on a silver tray. The company project is in the vicinity of all relevant locations and enjoys greater connectivity. VRS District One Mohali-Mohali ‘s commercial project, which is perfect for business start-ups, has already begun to become a favorite business destination. 

Size of property you want

A common mistake many buyers make is buying a small house, only to end up with a room that later on down the road does not suit their growing family. Trust us: the last thing you want to do is move in the near future, and then move again. So even though a two-bedroom apartment now suits your needs, bear in mind that in many years it may not suit them. To fulfill your future plans, make sure that the house has a sufficient number of bedrooms and an adequate amount of square footage.


If you are looking to buy a new commercial property, then you need to take these points in mind and get your hands on the best options. One of the top upcoming project from VRS ventures is District one.

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