The one which has been leased out (rented out) already and is now enlisted for sale. A Pre-leased commercial property on Airport Road where you can start benefiting from rentals from day one. If you invest in a commercial property with VRS, then it’s a win-win situation for you.

Pre-leased commercial Property on PR7 Road

Pre-leased property investment especially when it is in mixed-use commercial spaces like that of VRS District One. It ensures the regular incoming of people for a variety of purposes and is a blessing for any business growth. As customers are one of the most important factors that id reason behind success or failure. A high ROI is always assured in a property that is a pre-leased commercial on PR7 Road as it comes with the assured business. It assures guaranteed monthly income as once the investor receives the lease transfer, they have the right to receive monthly payments for that commercial unit. This assures fixed monthly rentals and a steady source of income.

It comes with no waiting period and has tenants ready to occupy the unit’s right after the competition. So, you need not worry about earning returns. Once the lease deed is transferred, the investors start earning monthly rentals.

Another benefit is an appreciation of the prices as the value of pre-leased units also increases proportionally especially if it is located at a prime location in Mohali. As located in a prime location with all amenities and infrastructure it is a great investment for the long term.

Also since that, tenants rarely vacate these properties before the agreement has expired. It is a very low-risk investment in terms of regular income.

Also, it has excellent liquidity value as a guaranteed rental comes with the investment. Thus, Investing in a pre-leased property is always a smart choice.

Pre leased commercial property in MohaliAs the VRS District One property is situated in a growing commercial area of Mohali and is suitably located at Airport Road with all the necessary amenities. And with the backing of a trusted developer like VRS, it’s an assured revenue source.

It is a property synonymous with quality, commitment, reliability, and excellence in achievement. The company is recognized for delivering state-of-the-art ventures, impeccable designs, and outstanding standards.

Positioned at the center of the city surrounded by posh inhabitancy of approx. 3 Lacs people and encircled by 12000-15000 corporate employees working in IT Park. it has better connectivity with nearby locations such as PCA Cricket Stadium, Elanet Mall, World Trade Centre, and many more to name. By choosing District One is an example of the Finest Architecture, Better Connectivity, Builder Credibility, and Unrivalled Conveniences