Buy Commercial Property in Mohali

Mohali is one of the largest and most popular destinations for real estate in North India. It has great connectivity with other major cities and also allows for great development of businesses. It has reputed educational institutes, and a residential hub which is loved by most. When you’re looking for a place for investing in commercial property, there is no place better than Mohali. With its booming residential population, the demand for businesses in the area is inevitable. Here are some more reasons to invest in commercial property in Mohali:

India’s 1’st Planned City

Being a part of Chandigarh’s Tricity area, Mohali is a part of India’s first planned city. This makes it an ideal location for plenty of job opportunities and residences. The State Government has heavily invested in this area to ensure job opportunities by supporting businesses that set up in the location. It is also a part of the smart city mission which makes the place ideal for an urban lifestyle.

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Booming Residential Demand

Businesses only open where there’s a big demand for them. Mohali’s booming residential population proves the development in the region to be popular among people. This also increases demand for businesses and stores to open up in the region. A great example of this is VRS Group’s District One commercial space which is conveniently located near residential areas to open up horizons for businesses in the area. Investing in property like this is bound to get you a good ROI.

IT Sector

The IT Sector in Mohali is also booming and has inspired several big IT firms such as Dell and Emerson to set up offices in the area. With this boom in business opportunities and a residential population willing to buy more goods, the commercial properties in the city are a great catch for any experienced investors. Most of these big companies prefer NNN leases on their office spaces which makes it great for the investors as you would not have to pay for maintenance at all. You may also be able to strike deals with franchises such as Starbucks to get a long-term lease which is also profitable for you.


The infrastructure in Mohali is definitely worthy of admiration. Most of it comes from being planned in advance by expert architects. This increases the aesthetic appeal of the city and welcomes more people to live there. You can find commercial properties in Mohali that offer ideal spaces for large brands at good deals.

As you can see, when it comes to commercial property investment, there likely isn’t a city better than Mohali.

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